Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Katrina Musings

I am writing this post almost seven months after i started on this blog.I guess this is the right time.

Some of the blogs i have read lately on the Hurricane Katrina disaster and the relief efforts being taken have made me write this post.I want to divert attention to two blogs.SInce i am from India i cannot keep quiet either.

Here are links to the two blogs :

Bruce Sterling's blog -

Boing Boing -

Check out the headings for those two posts.

Very sarcastic and insensitive.

India is ,in words used by people from the so called 'Western countries', a Third World country and since the Katrina disaster took place,we have tried our best to help our brethren in New Orleans and the surrounding areas by sending urgent supplies of food,water,blankets etc and also financial support to the tune of USD5 million,which if you ask me is good for starters.But some bloggers out there can't appreciate the Indian governmnet's kind gesture.These are the words coming from the same people who called Bush stingy when he promised a measly 15 - 30 million USD for the victims of the Asian tsunami of December 2004.

Another event which comes into perspective is Terrible Tuesday a.k.a The Mumbai Floods which happened on July 26 2005.Even though the Maharastra government has 2 left feet and were indulging in mud-slinging ,the city got back on its feet a week later.Compare this to New Orleans and what do we have?A third world type situation!!

Mumbai or the rest of the Tsunami hit countries were not affected by incidents of large scale vandalism or violent shootouts after days preceeding the tragedy.

Things are different in New Orleans.Looting,vandalism and mobs who fire at the very people who want to help them.

Not to mention racism which had reared its ugly head once again.

FEMA and the Bush Administration - Shame on you.

My heart goes out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.Godspeed.


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