Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The great Indian media tamasha

Why is the Indian media so bothered about what happens to Amir Khan after he expressed support for the NBA? In case you folks did not notice, Atul Kulkarni, a better actor than Amir Khan was present at the time when Amir met Medha. Why isn't the media hounding this guy? Is it because he is not handsome and has no star power? Hell, i will vote for Atul over Amir. He was excellent in Chandni Bar and Hey Ram and also in that bat shit of a movie, Page 3. I am sure no one would have given a shit if it was Atul instead of Amir.
Shame on the film industry that does not come in support of worthy causes. It's a you-kiss-my-ass-and-i-will-kiss-your-ass world out there with sycophany at its best.
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