Saturday, September 09, 2006

BlogCamp 2006 - day 1 highlights

BlogCamp started on a very positive note with interesting presentatins, all related to text blogging, podcasting, mobile blogging, video blogging, search engine optimization and the lot. The sessiosn were split and were conducted at the auditorium and the conference hall. Ganesh of Bothack was the star of the morning with his aggressive promotion of Wordpress. Him and his Bothack gang came to the camp wearing tees which said "We blog at"

Kaushik Ram of Bothack was ribbed by Kiruba during a demo for a podcasting session where Bothack was mangled and refferred to as buttocks :). Syed was at his belligerent best asking questions during the proceedings. Jammy, a "budding stand-up comedian" was silent most out the time. It looks like he is trying to get the prize for the best blogger of the event. All the best Jammy. There are a lot of things about the event I would like to blog about, but damn, I don't seem to remember them all.

Anyway, I am signing off for the day. Catch you all on the second day of BlogCamp 2006 where Sunil Gavaskar will be the start attraction, not to mention intersting sesions with Robert Scoble, Sujatha and other folks.

See y'all tomorrow. Ciao.

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