Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Police the pub, weed out the crud

Madras police raided a few clubs on charges of keeping the premises open beyond stipulated hours on Sunday night. Once such raid on a popular night club on Mount Road resulted in the brain-less coppers taking some ladies hostage and interrogating them till 1.30 the next morning. Some of the questions included queries about who the ladies had come with, how much alcohol they had consumed, all of this followed by advice saying that the women will lose their morality and virginity if they venture out after 9 p.m and that the smoke (read cigarette smoke) in the clubs will is not good for them. Does cigarette smoke differentiate betiween men and women? Only a douche bag with bat shit for brains would make a comment like that. The police seemed to have missed out cautioning some drunk minors who were present in the club instead of harrasing mature women who were with in their rights and had valid id cards to prove things. The women were let free after their personal details were collected, further enabling the police to become law enforcing stalkers.

This could be because of that fact that the coppers were not paid their weekly mamool and decided to exact revege by pushing around hapless women instead of working things out (collect mamool of course) with the hotel staff.

All this by a police force made up of lard balls with Hyundai Accent patrol cars at their disposal, not to regulate traffic but to muscle their way through. Incidents like this will surely give the city's already pathetic night life another solid dent.

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