Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pervert masturbates on woman in train

I have read a lot of weird news but this one takes the cake.India has its share of perverts too!!!

Pervert masturbates on woman commuter
By: Janaki Fernandes
September 22, 2005

Anshu Mehta (23, name changed) was accustomed to battling overcrowded trains and crowded platforms, but yesterday, while walking along the congested overbridge at Kurla station at 8.45am, she found semen on her trousers.

“It was the last straw. I was horrified, something like this has never happened to me,” said the devastated girl.

‘There were men all around me’

The advertising executive said the overbridge was so crowded that it was impossible to pinpoint who masturbated on her.

Traumatised, she tried to look for a policeman on the platform, but found none.

“There was no one I could complain to, so I just cleaned myself and left,” she said and added, “Two trains had just entered the platform and so the bridge was very crowded. There were men all around me, but to think this could happen…”

Shares her trauma

A few minutes later Mehta decided to call Go92.5 — the radio station she was listening to — and shared her distress with the radio jockey.

“I just needed to speak to someone and get it out of my system,” she said. Mehta said she had been felt up at Kurla station before, but never this.
Sympathetic cops

Mehta says she was too upset to register a complaint with the police station in the morning, but returned in the evening to do so.

“The police were shocked that such an incident could have occurred, but they were very sympathetic and registered my complaint,” she said. They have promised to increase vigilance during peak hours and in fact, immediately deployed another plainclothes GRP to man the overbridge, she added.

“Since I don’t know who did this, I don’t expect them to arrest anyone. They just need to know what’s happening at the station, that’s all,” said Mehta.

All bases covered

Officials from the railway police station say there are six policemen manning the station at all hours.

“However, during peak hours, the bridge gets really crowded so we can’t have someone standing there. But we will cover that area as well,” said one officer for the police station.


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Hard to imagine such asses exist in India...

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