Friday, December 16, 2005

I pity Indian Sports

There has been a lot of hullaballo about Ganguly being kicked out of the team. I can see this event being given unwanted publicity on virtually every news channel and newspaper. Journos trying to get sound bytes, heckling the coach, Bongs burning effigies of the coach and selectors and what not. One thing irks me tho, have we even given a though to sportsmen of other disciplines? NO.. any one remember that Manipuri girl who won gold medals in a world event this year? Pity me, i don't know her name.

She is struggling to make ends meet, she has no sponsors and worst of all there's this general apathy towards folks coming over from the north east. We call them deragatory names and don't even think they are Indian. Hello, the north east is a part of the Indian republic.

Anyone remeber Venkatesh Devarajan? A promising boxer, he was badly treated and left India to pursure pro boxing in England. This was back in '95. A few years ago, The Week Magazine treated readers to articles about sportsmen defecting while on tour or leaving the country just because they were treated like dirt. Will the presidents of different association please stand up and make yourseleves accountable?

And will the people of this great "democracy" please start treating other sportsmen like real people?


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