Thursday, May 18, 2006

An India born player in the French World Cup squad

Sepia Mutiny has an article on the lone Indian presence in the World Cup. An Indian born in Mauritius who is in the Fench World Cup team. The title of the article is The Great Brown Hope. Duh why bring up his skin color and why are we proud that he is in the World Cup? He is playing as a Frenchman!!

The Indian media continues its obsession with people who are Indian but continue to shine in their adopted countries. Viksah may not even consider him self Indian for crying out loud.

The Hindustan Times says he is a football star. What a load of crap!!!!

We should be ashamed of the fact that our country with a billion plus population cannot produce World Cup worthy footballers. My suggestion: kick Priyanjan Das Munshi (yeah, the same guy who wants to ban the Da Vinci Code from being screened in India!! So much for being labelled a democracy..bull shit) out of the AIFF. He has been at the helm close to 18 years and treats it like his fiefdom. Piece of shit. Appoint people who are passionate about the sport and have represented India abroad and are not in for monetary benefits. Someone like I.M.Vijayan whose playing days are almost over and knows the game inside out.

Please save Indian football!!

I wonder....


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