Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Review of the Tamil movie Thirupathi

This is a funny forward i got from one of my friends. I am attaching it for your viewing pleasure.

Will somebody please stop making crappy Tamil films??

Thirupathi-Return of the king

Ennatha solla...Padam supero super.One of the all-time best in its genre.Perarasu has once again proved that hes a name to be reckoned with in the future of Tamil Cinema .An awesome masala with racy screenplay,interesting plot and cheeky songs(the lyrics are also a biiiiig plus here .'Udal mannkku,Uyir tamizhukkunu` ezhuthurathu evlo easy....But 'kiya miya kiya miya kiya miya rey,kozhi kunji kayil.... 'jus master pieces)..Ajith has also proved that he cant be written off.In every field from dialogue delivery to kutthu dances to electrifying stunts or heartening comedies he makes a lasting mark Hatsoff to Ajith for providing such top quality entertainment .Sada is drop dead gorgeous and words arent suffice enough to exploit in text, her glamour quotient
Right from frame 1 to frame n ,not even a single dull moment or anything that may cause u to lose even the slightest of ur interest.The plot is remarkable, the screenplay is quicker than lightning, cinematography without any flaws and an elegant music score which reverberates faster than the screenplay. Truly breath-taking. All I can say is that the masala-kingpin is taking commercial cinema to hitherto unexplored dimensions.
Needless to say. The film will mark the comeback of the King in exile-Thala Ajith Kumar.I hereby declare that I am a full fledged Thala fan (I am going to join the rasigar mandram soon). He’s 1 man fit to replace the present ruler . Enna charisma,enna screen presence,enna agility,enna flexiblity,enna dialogue delivery.vera yaaraalayum kitta nerunga kooda chanceaa illa Ready to bet on the pillar on whom the whole future of the tinsel town Kodambakkam lies
Verdict:Mega Block-Buster,200+ days
PS: Oh god,forgive this sinner.Neither one nor two,ive lied to the horizon of hypocricy and blindness---> 20 sentences of pure filthy fraudulence.Lies,truly lies.Concience prickling lies.So much of them that the above can be used as a hand-book for liars

Ini Unmai


Thirupathi-Cliched and typically Perarasu

Story: appidina

Another instance squeezed through the usual Perarasus sentiment-commercial prototype.If it was a better 'Naan Sigappu Manidhan' in Thirupaachi here its a weak unsuccessful combination of Annamalai(traitor friend) and Padikkaathavan(Pleasure loving brother concept).
The first half is such a mess that harldy a few will bear the courage to risk enduring the second half.

First Half
-Hero Introduction Fight+Song
-Mokkai comedy tracks( none of them fail to give even a meanest jerk in the abdominal area)
-Riyaz Kahn-Heros best pal
-Director introduction(Oh my gosh...Watch the film jus for this.The whole theater erupted with waves of laughter.)
-Romance(a lot of filthy disgusting dialogues here)
-So called comedy tracks( which exploit the concept of a woman coming to age in the most disgusting manner)
-Dappankuthu duets with awful choreography
-Heroes sis introduction(back to her parents place for delivering her first born)
-Hero assisting his friend in some fishy missions
-Heros sister killed while delivering(due to delay caused by the doctor in his greed for makin more money.The doctor turns out to be the brother of Riyaz Kahn)
-Riyaz kahn comes between Ajith and the the doctor turning into a traitor :sleep:
-Ajith whips his friend,challenges him :yawn,mummy coffee..oh sorry idhu theateraa )


Second Half

-Illogical twists(1 scenela logic irundha veedu thedi vandu enna seruppu kizhatti adinga) and action sequences narrating how he accomplishes his mission
-Hero understands that the whole society needs to be reformed and hence works tirelessly,reforming the society Perarasu is eligible for the next CM post
-Emergency law made ordering free treatment for 'Baby-Delivery'
(aiyyo kaadhu kekkalayey.Aiyoo thala vedikkithey,aah aammaaa)


Disappointing.Lacks the magic in his earlier films.Though the story is better than his previous scripts,the screenplay is poor and he fails to make the plot gripping and convincing.


Disgusting Some examples of his gutter dialogues
"Un pondatti enakku ava udamba kaatuvaalaa da.Aana etthana peru pondattinga unkitta thoranthu kaatraanga.En na doctorsa avanga manushanaa paakala,dheyvamaa paakuraanga"

Songs:(risk ur eardrums)
'Thirupathi vandhaa' is a typical Perarasu number which fits in perfectly.Other numbers are totally irritating and completely out of track marring the pace of Thriupathi


Had Newton stayed alive u can bet him to file a case on 'Thalapathi Dinesh'.Hes violated all of his laws.Hero flying in circles sending opponents 15 feet away in a direction opposite to the direction he hits them and much more of such circus clown-work.

Performance of the lead crew:
-Ajith as Thirupathi:Disappointing. Thirupathi is not Ajith material he fails miserably in almost all departments.Dialogue delivery is the most elementary attribute for a mass hero and thats the region Ajith is pathetic Lacking the ability to dwelve with fiery dialogue in a subtle and charismatic way he resolves to shouting to the upper limits of his throats endurance which not only hampers his vocals but also the eardrums of the poor lot unlucky enough to witness the movie in theaters.
-Sada as Priya:Passable
-Riyaz Kahn as Soori-Fits in perfectly
-Karthik(singer) as Sathish(Ajiths bro):A perfect find.
-Perarasu as an auto-driver: The director can try doing a comedian.NS Krishnan paathirukken,Nagesh paathirukken,Vadivelu paathirukken,Vivek paathirukken aana ivarai pol oru comediana naan paarthathey illai
-Livingstone,Pyramid Natarajan etc play their part well.
-Arun Pandiyan as AC of police:Sux in all departments

-Ajith(for his fans)
-Back Ground music

-Ajith(for others)
-Superman Stunts
etc etc

Watch it if
1) Some1s bein messing with u and u wanna do off with them.Highly efficient way of mass killing.If by any luck they get out of the theaters stringing to the last of their precious lives,run for ur life.
2) U r a Vijay fan and wanna solid reason to stay as 1 forever.
3) U have an unusual flair for comedy and with the ability to extract them in the most unlikely situations.
4) U r an insomniac
5) No circus is put on show in ur town
6) Having problems with you gf and wanna settle with a permanent break(expect an immediate divorce if u watch with ur wife)


Blogger Cujoo said...

I can see that your against Ajith.
I am and ajith fan, but we don't like ajith to act this type of movies. But he did good job in dancing and dialogue delivery.
He improved alot. on the other hand he didn't choose to act in this movie. AVM rope ajith first then they went with perarasu.
if he did let down the story, what industry would say? He is headweighted. Don't dis people's hard work if u can't appreciate.

12:15 AM  
Blogger INBrajan # Inbarajan said...

He is better than Vijay ... rather than just choosing 100% masala subject movies. Even the new entries like Arya, Bharath ,Simbhu, Dhanush looks fwd for their roles and story, only odd man Vijay plays the same role from begining of his career except few.

U have the right to suggest and not to put down !!

11:27 AM  
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