Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fuel price hikes...why blame the government for everything?

The Central Government's hike on fuel has come as a body blow to a lot of people still reeling under constant price hikes in petrol and diesel over the past few months. The premise of the hike may be to protect the oil companies from biting the dust, but i feel we the people have a hand in this too. We guzzle petrol like crazy without knowing that most of our petrol supplies is imported and that demand is outstripping supply. Factories here churn out bikes and cars by the millions trying to get people buy their products knowing too well that we don't care about oil conservation or that the environment cannot sustain the huge level of pollution.. In Chennai, where i live, it's damn hard to ride freely after 5.00 pm. The roads are heavily congested and you breathe CO2 instead of O2. Talk about our cities becoming gas chambers. You don't have to smoke cigarettes to get high. Go around the city for an hour and you would have inhaled smoke equivalent to smoking a carton of ciggies. Think i am nuts? Naah...
This happens daily, the prevalence of respiratory problems is getting higher but the people don't care.
What can we do? Don't use fuelled transportation to travel a measly 5km..Walk or start using a bicycle. Keeps you fit and healthy. Read Why I Should Continue to Cycle to Work by Kiruba. Makes a lot of sense.
Is there an end to this problem of fuel price hikes? No..methinks because of global developments, oil prices will continue to rise and the government here will keep hiking prices. At this rate, we will be Rs 100 for a litre
Brace yourself for more my friends, the worst is yet to come.
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Blogger Varun Reddy Sevva said...

Wow! Even I have to cycle my way! Well, I would prefer the public transport system too, as it is cheap and may be it is not as tiresome as cycling. Saving money is saving money, right?

2:27 PM  

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