Thursday, July 20, 2006

Letter that was sent to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to cover Indian blog story

This is the letter i sent to the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( requesting them to cover the Indian blog controversy. Let's see what reply they give.
Email subject: Request to cover the events that transpired after the Indian government banned blogs
Hi Rebecca,
        I would to bring to your attention  the fact that the Indian government has been banning blogs under the pretext of protecting national security post the Mumbai bomb blasts on 7/11/2006. The chain of events started in the beginning of this week after a journalist-blogger had difficulty accessing her blog hosted by As word started to spread about this, some of the bloggers called up their local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to confirm their worst fears. It turns out that the cyber security dept of the Indian government intercepted some blogs that contained anti-government messages. The Department of telecom in India issued a directive to leading ISPs in India asking them to block certain blogs, this led to the ISPs blocking complete access to blogs hosted by, Wordpress, Typepad and some links hosted by Geocities. This hasty action on the part of the Indian government has created chaos and resentment throughout the Indian blogosphere and the mainstream media in India is giving publicity to it. Prominent U.S. based blogging sites like Boing Boing have covered the event.
Will it be possible for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organisation that believes in anti-censorship of information over the internet and is against strong-arm tactics to supress information to cover this event?
***** - (a concerned blogger)
PS: I have masked my name.


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