Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Carnage in Bombay - bloggers to the rescue

Mumbai Help, a help blog has an update on the blasts that shook Bombay. They aslo have a help section where you enter the phone number of your dear ones in Bombay and the blog volunteers  will try reaching them.
From the post
" If you're looking for info, please leave a comment in this post. We'll try and get info for you. Please leave contact info. We'll monitor this post for that purpose.

Also, if you see a query you can answer, please do so, and let us know via a comment.

If you're trying to get through to someone, leave
1.their name and phone number, and
2. your name and phone number.

One of us will try and get through and get back to you."
There is also a help wiki called where you can view the list the ones injured or dead (Rest In Peace), list of hospitals where the injured have been admitted and 3 more categories.
I tried to reach my uncle yesterday but the mobile lines were jammed. I used to post my uncle's number. I hope him and his family are fine.
Godspeed denizens of Bombay.


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