Monday, July 31, 2006

My dog Ceaser

My dog passed away this morning. A Dobermman, he was loyal to the family and a friend to the end. He developed complications of the liver. What a cruel way to lose someone you love. Ceaser died peacefuly in his sleep.

An Ode to Ceaser.

You came into our lives 7 years ago,
Small, innocent and a bundle of joy,
You touched out hearts with your playful antics,
And became a member of the family

I remember the days when you anticipated my arrival
Barking at the sound of my scooter
How you did that I do not know
But I always wished to come home and be with you

Your puppy eyes would make me forget my troubles
Your short tail never stopped wagging
You enjoyed playing with my shoes and clothes
Sometimes eating them too :)

I will miss you my dear friend
Your barks, your personality
I will miss the days I fed you
And the times I have spent with you

You were a child till the end.

Rest In Peace.
Ceaser 1999-2006.


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