Sunday, September 10, 2006

Curtains come down on Blogcamp 2006

Continuing on updates on BlogCamp day 2 where I spoke about the all-blogger session with Peter and Dina as moderators, this discussion saw a lot of participation where a lot of the folks had interesting view points. So what did people talk about? The discussion started with why do you blog -> do you feel starnge when you don't update your blog every day? If you ask me the answer would be naah..., followed by are comments important -> how would you feel if no one read your blog ->blogging and responsibility.
Man, the place was vining hard during the quiz contest. I paired up with P.Bothra and we came in fourth. Bummer, only 10 points separating us from the 3rd place holder, bummer. The prize money for the quiz was good, totalling Rs 20G. Moin won an Ipod for winning the bst slogan category sponsored by Ford. Starfish won the prize for best photo-blogger. Bothack won the prize for thebest live blogger. way to go guys.
As we all said our good byes and took group pics for the last time, I came out with a heavy heart. this event was a knocker, I had a good time meeting new people and getting to know all those bloggers whose blogs I have been reading for a long time.
Overall BlogCamp rocked. I can't wait for the next edition to come. In the meanwhile, let's hope we see more of BarCamp like events in Chennai and other cities.
Goodnight my dear bloggers. It was a pleasure getting to know y'all.

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