Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Things that drive me crazy when driving

1. Potholes on the road
2. Motocyclists sneeking through available gaps, grazing your side mirror and moving on as if nothing has happened
3. Jaywalkers
4. Pedestrians walking on the road instead of on the sidewalk and not moving their asses when people honk
5. The smell of rotting garbage as the garbage truck passes by
6. Impatient people who can't wait for the red signal to turn green and keep honking at the guy/gyal in front to move even if he/she wants to wait for the siganl to turn green
7. People who drive across medians with impunity
8. Drunk driving and sending people six feet under
9. Fat cops who break traffic laws when driving their shiny Hyundai Accent police cars
10.Horn happy people who want to make you deaf so that you get off the road
11.Rude road users
12.Fish carts and bullock carts
13.Animals on a death wish
14.Illegal temples on the road side and the queues before these temples
15. Speed hungry youngsters
16. People who drive without side view mirrors on motorcycles and don't look left or right before overtaking
17. Autorickshaws
18. Bikes without headlights at night
19. Drivers not using proper indicators when taking a turn
20. People sitting in vehicles spitting on the roads thinking of the roads as spitoons


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