Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oldies and erotica

I woke up early morning today to get ready for the gym. My house is a one floor place and there is an apartment complex behind my house. One the flat's interiors is visible from my bathroom. I went there to get ready and you know what I saw? A 45 - 50 year old man watching a movie at 5.20 in the morning. Nothing out of the ordinary (kinda) but he was watching Basic Instinct. I could make out from the (in)famous opening sequence(which I could see properly). It turned out that he was fast-forwarding the movie to watch Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone making out. There are two major sequences lke that in the movie. One in the middle after the club scene and one towards the end where the director closes the movie showing the ice pick.

Now that set me thinking. We have out morality douche bags crying hoarse about the ills of sex and lip lock scenes in the movies, there's also an idiot who filed an indecency case against two wannabe actors (Aiswarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan, blech) On the other hand they watch erotica in the confines of their homes. Now how hypocritical can people get?


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