Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ground a plane by farting

A woman forced a plane to do an emergency landing by lighting matches to disguise the gas she passed. The fart was due to a medical condition. She was not allowed to board the plane after that.

Ah. I know farting a in a room filled with people can make them run helter skelter gasping for air but I never knew it could scare the bejesus out of airline passengers!

Types of fart

1. Silent but deadly fart
2. Loud fart

1. The silent bu deadly fart can make people faint. It happens when you eat starchy foods like potatoes, that too raw. Your stomach starts acting up and you launch soundless farts that stink like hell.

2. Loud fart- That's a signal fart. Does not smell but comes in a variey of sounds.

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