Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Roof top film festival March 2007

Blog buddy Sagaro and his friends are conducting a unique festival - The Roof top film festival. Yep as the name indicates, this festival will be held at a fellow bloggers house terrace and is an all nighter starting at 7.00 pm Saturday and goes till 5 am the next day. The tag line for this unique event is

To involve the film buff in an intelligent conversation with a developing audience on the Net. To provide fringe film makers with succor and a platform to promote their art. To take movies to the rooftop, where the hierarchy is flat and the spirit high.

Yep, the spirit will definitely be high :-). There is a wiki for this event where you can go and register but hurry, the terrace will acoomodate about 25 people - it's a small place, so go register. This event will be held at the following location:

75, Second Street, Karpagam Avenue, R.A.Puram, Chennai - 600028

Some of the movies that could be shown at the event (I am not sure if the list is final):
  • Leon

  • Spring, Summer, Fall Winter And Spring (Korean)

  • Citizen Kane

  • Nostalgia

You could check out this link for a list of proposed movies.

So be there...


Anonymous sagaro said...

just noticed.,..it is gapp.wordpress.com and not gapp.wordpres.com wordpress is spelt with 2 's'...

10:37 AM  

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