Monday, March 12, 2007

Letter to the owner of Hotel Henkala, Tambaram

Dear who-ever-manages-Hotel-Henkala-Tambaram,

Me and 8 of my friends came to your hotel for a school reunion yesterday where I met one of my former class mates after a decade. We proceeded to your roof top restaurant and ordered drinks and food. We had to put up with a stupid music channel (sun music) but that was ok. We had fun, catching up on on old times, pulling each other's legs, making enquiries about the people we knew, how far they had come up in life and so on. Turns out most of them are doing quite well. We were at your restaurant for 3 hours. The only sore point that marred this otherwise jolly ocassion was the very delayed delivery of the bill. We finshed our dinner at 10.00 pm and you gbought us the bill at 10.50 pm)

You had us fretting and fuming. You made us wait for 50 minutes and as a result, one of my friends started to shout at your people. When we went to lodge a complaint my friend started arguing with the front desk manager, Jacob too. But Jacob blew his top and started a slang fest. All of this could have been avoided if your manager had kept his cool.
Now, the hopsitality industry is one of the most demanding professions in the world. You have to bend over to please people and deal with irate customers on top of that. Your manager apparently does not know how to deal with angry customers. This guy needs to attend anger management/customer service classes.

Maybe it's me or the people of this city have really short fuses.

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