Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bangalore Mis-adventures

How many people have had negative impressions about a city in only a day? Count me in.

I made a trip to Bangalore last week. I wanted to have a nice time celebrating Christmas in the pub capital of India. Uh uh. What transpired has left a very bad taste in the mouth.

I boarded a bus from Madras(Che-nai, meaning dirty dog in Tamil :) ) at 10.45 p.m. This bus I was to board was advertised as a luxury bus, air suspension this shit, that shit. You feel so pissed of when travel operaters take you for a ride. What they advertise is never true. By the time i got to Bangalore the next morning, my back and my butt were sore and numb. I got down at this place called Madiwala. The recent rains had battered most of the roads. They looked very inviting for motocross racing. The less said about the traffic and driving, the better. Bangaloreans seem to have a motto when it comes to driving, Drive to Die. Maniacs. Madras is a little better when it comes to that.

I made some comparisons between auto drivers of Bangalore and Chennai:

1. Auto drivers in Bangalore don't pester you when at bus stops or railway stations unlike the thugs in Madras.
2. The rates in Bangalore are exorbitant like in Chennai but you don't have to haggle too much. If you refuse they leave you alone.
3. The auto wallahs in bangalore have started to ape their compatriots in Madras when it comes to ignorance of other Indian languages.

My main grouse

I wanted to stay with a frined of mine but he had other engagements. That filled my cup of woes. I was in a city which was treating Indian tourists like outsiders. Some nutcase pro kannada dickwads have made it mandatory for other local folks to talk only in kannada. i don't ahve anything against the language but i hate the stupid fucking politicians and the people who think of their agendas such as splitting the country and the people using language as a weapon. A nutcase called Ramdass has started it in Tamil Nadu. Thank god the people don't take him seriously. All he does is just yap yap yap.

That is the only grouse i had when i was in bangalore. I left the city and reached Madras on Sunday becuase i felt like a stranger in another country. Who would want to stay in a place which is not friendly to other Indians? Aren't we part of the same country? Why the fuck is it like this? Every state you visit in the South is like that. Why???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should mind your lahguage when talking about own contry!

8:51 PM  
Blogger "Citi"zen said...

Its not only in south India, It is there in all places.It is more in south India because they dont have a common language like Hindi in North. The worst mistake has been done by splitting the states based on language spoken.They have sowed the seeds then.Now it has grown in to a seedling (think about the future).People from one state doesn't like the people from other states.They usually comment and make fun of the people from other states.This is quite common even in films. All the people demand the people from other states to start speaking in their language.Bangalore was a very decent city,and even now it is a decent city but the image is coming down...in a few years it will become like anyother cities in India.

2:34 PM  

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