Friday, August 04, 2006

Coverage of the Indian blog ban by the Electronic Frontier Foundation

This may seem a tad late but it looks like the ISPs in India are banning blogs again judging by the messages that are being posted here. I had sent a mail about the Indian blog ban to the Electronic Frontier Foundation on the 20th on July and got a reponse on the same day. There was no communication between me and the press attache of the after that. I sent Rebecca(Media Relations) a mail on the 3rd of Aug asking them for updates and finally got a reponse. It turns out a founder of the EFF did an interview about the situation on the CIOL website. The issue was also covered on the EFF website.
This is the reponse I recieved from Rebecca Jeschke, press attache for the EFF.
Hi.  One of the founders of EFF did a long interview about the situation
in India: and
we also had an update in our minilinks section:  That is all the updates we have for now,
but we are continuing to follow the situation.
Rebecca Jeschke
Media Relations Coordinator
Electronic Frontier Foundation
415-436-9333 ext. 125

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