Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What If...

Conman fools senior citizen into parting with gold. Tricksters divert attention of car driver and make away with 4 lakh rupees. - Look familiar? These are headlines that appear newspapers regularly letting the world knw that some cheat had his lucky day. Imaging how the headlines would be if played in mankind's Cooum - politics.
1. Natwar Singh diverts Manmohan Singh's attention and goes to Iraq to bribe Saddam Hussien- Natwar Singh, disgraced Foriegn Minister made a trip to Iraq at the expense of taxpayer's money. Natwar Singh told Manmohan Singh that he was going to attend a summit in Saudi Arabia and secretly landed in Iraq right under the nose of evesdropping American troops.
2. Ottavio Quatrocchi followed Sonia Gandhi's car yesterday and told her driver that the car had an oil leak. The gullible driver stepped out of the car to check the leak and returned to find Sonia missing.
3. George Bush made an announcement in Washingtonm today about US troop status in Iraq and Afghanistan. While he was doing that, Osama Bin Laden sneaked past Bush's impregnable security wall,entered the While House and ran away with Bush's dodo of a wife - Laura Bush. Bush was so riled after the incident that he has threatened to bomb the whole of Africa.
4. AIADMK supremo Jayalalitha attended a meeting in some god forsaken place in Tamil Nadu to distribute free color t.v's to the equally stupid local populace. The tv's meant for distribution were jacked by highway theives when the consignment was being delivered. Jaya is now accusing the DMK of the theft and her members disrupted parliament for the 4th today.
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