Saturday, November 25, 2006

Alphabet Soup!

A is for Agony. Watching Indians face the short-pitched delivery.
B is for BCCI. A clueless bunch running high on sponsorship and low on IQ
C is for Crazy. The kind that calls for Chappell’s head three months before the cup
D is for Decibel. Shouting parliamentarians know a thing or two about it.
E is for Envy. We get to be intimate with it when we watch the Aussies continue to maul.
F is for Front Foot. The art of moving your feet. Not sticking it in your rear.
G is for Gorilla. The 700 pound obsession of this gullible nation.
H is for His Highness. Scores of 6 and 43 in a Ranji trophy match sadly don’t help.
I is for idiocy. Vengsarkar asked to board a plane to convey “sentiments” c’mon!
J is for Jokers. We have plenty of them on the BCCI’s payroll.
K is for Khokho. A needless ill-timed diversion.
L is for Lara. A gentleman. A genius.
M is for Millions. The bored and irritated kind. Not the money floating in some accounts.
O is for Overseas. Usually when things start to unravel.
P is for the Panic. Both in the media and the public. Most scream. Some write.
Q is for Quilting. Shouldn’t we be investing more time in it?
R is for Rain. And it’s nagging dedication to the Indian team.
S is for Sachin. Glimpses of a bygone era.
T is for the Touarag. The new wonder that can haul a plane not just your mother-in-law.
U is Ubiquitous. The nauseating “Aaya India” advertisement. V is Victory. Wonder how it feels?
W is for the “World cup”. And the wait.
X is for eXcruciating. The mindless banter in the guise of post-match analysis.
Y is for Yellow. The color that makes you green.
Z is for Zilch, Zero. The number of fans that will follow this team after this tour.


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