Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Horse sense?

Courtesy - Ranga

This story is with respect to the fact that the clown of Indian politics sold his horse to another clown for RS 110,000.

Lalu prasad yadav has a horse. He is called Pawan. Now Pawan Prasad Yadav is a smart beauty. He can only speak English and doesn’t indulge in horsey. But alas he is being sold. I can well imagine how that conversation went…

Lalu: Hey Pawan!

Pawan: hey dude. Nice haircut!

Lalu:Thank you. My wife styled it for me.

Pawan: Cool. You should try highlights some time… Will make you look young.

Lalu: But I came here to meet you on another topic…

Pawan: Yeah…

Lalu: Pawan, you are a fine horse…

Pawan: I know…

Lalu: But I can’t keep you anymore. Can’t afford it.

Pawan: What!

Lalu: Pawan, don’t take it personally. It came as a surprise to me. Just last night my accountant sat me and my wife and went through our investment portfolio and he suggested that we take certain steps. Certain austerity measures. And one of his suggestions was that I sell you.

Pawan: Bastard!

Lalu: I will make sure you are in able hands. A person who will ensure that you get the best oatmeal and the finest magazines. The new Yorker. Mid-day. Horse and country. You can’t do this to me! I stood by you. Throught thick and thin. Through the fodder scam. I gave you plenty of advice on that railway restructuring thingy.
It is all for the best pawan.

Pawan: No! listen to me. Pappu. These corporate goons are giving you the wrong advice. They will confuse you. You need me to explain the world. I have been educated for a reason. Besides, I have plans. I want to be this country’s first horse to become a prime minister. And I need you for that ride. And if you help me get there I promise I will give you any portfolio that you seek…

Lalu: But I want to be PM myself. A childhood dream of mine…

Pawan: No. PM is not for everyone. You need to constantly speak. Give interviews.
I can do that. No. I mean… speak intelligently. On matters of policy. The nations stand on many thorny topics. And not be too emotional. Especially on those touchy border issues.

Lalu: I can do that! I can do that!

Pawan: Ok. Let me make you an offer. You get me to delhi. And support me on my campaign. And In return I will ensure you get the defence portfolio.

Lalu: But is it an interesting job?

Pawan: Of course! You will have plenty of bright red buttons to press. And of course you will have a huge pad where you can lounge in the backyard with those illiterate donkeys.

Lalu: Sounds interesting…

Pawan: You bet! Imagine the kind of deals you can strike. Multi-billion stuff. You can make so much money that you would probably need to buy an island just to keep it. How’s that for financial advice!

Lalu: Great!

Pawan: Deal!

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