Friday, November 17, 2006


Rahul kept staring at the lady in the airport lounge. He had come to see off his cousin who was on his way to Houston in the U.S of A. She was gorgeous, wore a tight red shirt and had a large bosom. His eyes never left her. He never thought of the fact that he was visually raping the lady and that she was feeling very edgy.

Blissfully unaware of that fact that she was staring back at him, he stood there transfixed, marvelling at this pretty creature. He was snapped out his revere by his cousin as he bid goodbye before disappearing in the secure area of the airport for security checks.

Time flew and it was not until he read of harassment against women on the street and in public places did he realise that what he did that day had made her uncomfortable. Instances of roadside romeos whistling and staring at women, fondling in public transport, all of this sickened him. Women are to be looked at and admired and just like museum pieces and not to be harmed, he decided.

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