Thursday, November 16, 2006

Convert files without downloading specific software

Zamzar, a company based in the United States has launched an online file conversion tool called Zamsar. This nifty tool will help you convert files into different file formats online. There is a cap on the file conversion size of course. You can convert files of size of upto a 100 MB. Zamsar has a simple interface and helps you to convert files in four easy steps.

You don't have to download different file conversion tools everytime you want to convert a file.

Let's hope a downloadable version of this is available in the future.

Click here to read a list of file formats that are supported by Zamzar. I tried to convert a text file but got this message - File conversion not supported for .txt.

Read their blog here.

If you are wondering how the tool got it's name, go here.

Lifehacker has a post on the tool.


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