Monday, November 27, 2006

Theatres or censor boards?

Saw Casino Royale at Santham theatre in the Satyam Complex in Madras last week but was not able to enjoy the movie to the maximum. Here's why:

1. There were too many cuts, very glaring cuts. I first thought that they were editing problems but it turns out that theses were censor cuts.

2. A droning a/c system inside the theatre put paid to my efforts of listening to the dialogues, because that's what this movie is all about, more dialogues and less action, atypical to the other Bond movies that have come out.

3. Buzzing cell phones and irritating patrons who think the theatre is the place to gossip and not to watch a movie, irrespective of the fact the people around them pay exorbitant amounts to get tickets. I can't help that, people have to change.

4. The move has already been certified A(I think) for scenes of violence and some mature situations. The cuts I was talking about in point 1 seem to have been done by the theatre owners themselves. I guess this is common. I have observed this in some theatres.
Then wtf is the job of the CBFC (Central Board for Film Certification - very lousy website!!) ?

5. I heard kids bawling inside the theatre. Small kids for an A rated movie? Why can't theatres enforce rules like barring people who are not mature for movies with mature themes? I had the same experience watching Terminator 3. Children for a movie that is clearly for restricted audiences. And you parents blame the theatre owners for showing mature movies and such like.

I would gladly love to kick the ass of the Satyam theatre owner. You ruined my movie experience on Friday night.

A person watching a movie will loose interest, rhythm and flow not to mention getting confused with the sequence of events if the cuts are very glaring.

Bah! It's madcap experiences like these that make me yearn for bootleg copies of newly released movies.

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