Thursday, November 30, 2006


Ever noticed most of the people in this city don't smile that much? You can see them in their moody best on the way to work or stuck in traffic. That serious look on the face, crease lines crowding the forheads. This has spread to entertaiment too, and the print media. Look at Tamil movies, in the dance sequences, the extras never smile. Yesterday, there was a feature in the Hindu Metro Plus edition about learning to dance(I don't remember the name of the article or the dance form), the three younsters who were featured in the photo look constipated. Look at news shows or games shows on Tamil channels, no body smiles. Look at the face of local politicians in banners and cutouts, very serious with not an iota of happiness on their faces.

Look at Rahul Dravid, captain of a team who's sport does not deserve that much media or fan frenzy at all. He looks like he is going to shit a tonne of bricks.

Why don't people smile? Is it because of that fact that a person will label you a loony if you smile?

You don't have to flash your brilliant white or dirty dentures at people. Just smile. Just make the familiar curve with your lips. Research has shown that smiling relieves stress.

Did you know that smiling requires less effort than frowning? Did you also know that smiling can actually make you feel happier?

Research has shown that the muscles in our faces that allow us to smile actually stimulate our brain and when this part of the brain is stimulated, it makes us feel happy. So, even if you feel sad, irritated, angry or frustrated, just by smiling, it will make you feel better. Apart from the benefit to ourselves of smiling, smiling at others can make them feel happier too.


There's even an article which says that women who smile during PMS can reduce stress.

Be sure to smile and compliment people as well. Studies show that even faking a smile reduces stress and puts you in a slightly better mood. Most people cannot tell if you are faking anyway.


Smile away.



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