Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fancy cars and hired help

What is it with fancy cars and chauffers? Now, take a drive in street traffic and you are bound to notice all these fancy cars, some of which are valued over 50 lakh rupees, and some at 12 to 20 lakhs have something in common. The people who own such fancy cars don't drive their own machines. Not only do they a spend a fortune buying these magnificant beauties, they also blow quite a lot to hire a driver. Is it because the cars owners

1. Are lazy
2. Are scared to drive
3. Don't know how to drive but have lots of money to spend?
4. A combination of points 1, 2,3?

Most of the fancy cars are big cars and need experienced drivers to navigate these beasts in our city's messed up traffic. Fine by me. But I still fail to see the logic behind hiring a chauffer for a car that can be driven by you. Makes no sense does it?


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