Sunday, April 15, 2007

An epiphany

I normally suck when I write fiction/non fiction (truth be told, I suck at writing long posts) and try to lace them with humor. This is an attempt since I plan to start working on longer posts. So plissé read on without yawning/fainting.

Grunt, grunt, here I am at the gym trying at 7.00 in the morning to curl two 5 kg dumbbells in the hope all that grunting and panting and lifting will help me put on some muscle on my biceps, not as bad as a rotten grape but slightly better, like a date maybe. Today’s workout went fine. Gritting my teeth and doing a lot of repetitions to get that pump only to be told by the trainer I was doing it all wrong. Splat - that was me hitting my forehead with my palm.
Working out and ogling at the women who were exercising nearby, mostly more of the former but sometimes the latter especially if there’s a really good looking one , I managed to complete my workout at last, phew.

After completing the chore of taking a bath, not a record breaking 5 seconds mind you but at a relaxed pace, I was getting ready, thinking about my project deliverable and the locker key with the humongous key chain, trying to drag my bottom out of the gym. I hit the road at last. It was an un-eventful ride through Madhya Kailash (I thought the Kailash mountain range was way up north) Kottupuram, Chamiers Road till I landed near the Gemini flyover enroute to the client’s office.

Once particular incident shook me out of my reverie. As I approached the bottom of the bridge following a car, I decided to take a left unmindful of the fact that an auto was coming on the left. These autowallah’s, you have to stay at least 10 feet behind them because you never know if they will take a left or a right. As I moved to the left, I almost missed bumping into the auto, and instead of the usual pachai Madras bashai, the dude said

Saar, leftla varadhuna pathu vaanga, meerrar edukku vechirkeenga?” translated it means - Boss, look to your left when you drive, use a left view mirror when you have one.

I normally like to make autos pay for what they do to the other motorists like cutting in front of them, confusing them and so on, but this one set me thinking. Me, the great, I-will-abide-by-the-rules-even-if-a-truck-runs-over-me Rules Ramanujam had an epiphany, and what a nice one that was…


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