Saturday, April 28, 2007

The VT murders - revenge or insanity?

About 30 odd students and teachers were massacred at Virginia Tech university a couple of weeks back when a deranged student decided to take out his anger on the system. Using a hand gun and a semi automatic, he pumped bullets into 33 civilians before turning the gun on him self, as is the hall mark of campus killers. Remember the Columbine school incident in ‘99? Michael Moore directed a moving documentary based on this event examining US gun culture (this is a must see documentary. It won an Oscar for best dock feature in 2003 and Moore’s infamous speech attacking Bush for the Iraq war was drowned out by ceremonial music (on purpose).

Two Indians died in last week’s incident, one an immigrant Prof Loganathan and Minal, an architecture student from Bombay. Blogdom is flooded with condolence posts and there are also the trashy ones that spew racial hatred.

The media is having a field day restructuring events and arranging video cons between Indian students in VT and their parents in India(NDTV did that) besides covering the awful circus that is the Aiswarya-Abishek wedding (Wedding of the year, my foot).

The VT murders have been classified as the bloodiest campus massacre ever, not to forget manic serial killers on the romp dismembering bodies and doing the most vile acts ever imaginable.

So the question now is, what makes people snap? Is it bad upbringing? The idiot box? Or depressed people who have been at the receiving end of all that nonsense from society? Is that a chance to get back at something you feel will never change? By murdering people?

PS: If any of our fellow loggers has relatives or friends studying in VT, I am with you, in mind and spirit.



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It's is awful what happened... I am soo sorry...shakina

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