Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Jessica lal murder case, does the case need a retrial?

The Jessica Lal murder trial that dragged on for more that 7 years came to an end last week with the release of the suspects for lack of evidence. Now people care crying hoarse for a re-trial. Does this case really need a re-trial? Has the media latched on to the case just becuase it involves some dirt bags and a Page 3 model. What about the faceless millions whose methods for justice are subverted everyday by the powers that be? Does'nt this reek of double standards? If we were to speak of a re-trial, i think the judiciary will have to accept petitions for a huge number of cases. What about the Gujarat riot perpertrators who are roaming the streets scott free? What about the Chenni MGR Nagar stampede? The Supreme court has said that the Tamil nadu government is to blame but who gives a fuck? There a a lot of cases that need re-trials. But why this one?


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