Friday, March 10, 2006

Women's Day - For What?

People the world over celebrated March 8th as Women's Day. For what? You may ask "hey does this guy believe in female emancipation"? Like it or not this day doesn't make a difference at all. Why? That's because crimes against women will continue. Women will go through that vicious cycle of violence and persecution every day after March 8th. Will that day liberate a woman from her troubles and bring her on the same pedestal as man? Hmm...i doubt it. The media men and businesses have made money by promising earth and high heaven, for example special ladies nights, Women's day special diamonds and a whole load of other mind numbing crap. Think what you want but this is my verdict. Like the people over the years who have marginalised women and exploited them for thier own needs and confined women to the status of assembly line baby breeding and cleaning machines, this day has lost its value.


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