Monday, February 27, 2006

Responses to my coments about the Hindu newspaper's sports coverage

The post i wrote about the Hindu's slant towards an overdose of cricket coverage in its newspaper has invited its share of comments. Read them here.

Nikhil, one of the reson why sportspersons from other disciplines resort to doping is becuase of official apathy by the sports bodies and non availabaility of funds for training and to lead a decent life. Go to any national level sports meet and you will find very few spectators. Look at the Indian football coverage on t.v and you will find the stadiums almost empty. The men and women who have dedicated their lives to sports are treated rather shabbily by the people. Indian cricket has had its fair share of scandals too. Why would anyone want to forget what happened in 2000? If you ask me i would rather keep hounding those jerks for all their lives for what they did o the sport. This chalta hai attitude has bought our country a great deal of embarrassment in every sport it participates.


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