Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lending money and giving it back...why are people such losers when it comes to that?

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Why do people keep away from the folks who loaned them money? And why don't people keep their promises to the ones who lent them money? Is it that hard to commit to something and honour it? I am facing a similar situation. I lent this guy money 2 months back. It was not a huge amount, minimal but hey, its still money. The guy used these sugar coated words and i have known him for a year. He told me that he will pay back the money after his debit card was activated. He had just landed a new job at the time. This happened in the last week of April. May came and went and now its June. I am yet to see my money. I think he's been avoiding me for that reason. I met him on the street one day and he gave me all these flimsy reasons as to why he was short on money. Hey pal, you should have thought of that before you took mony from me. I decided to give the bugger some time and now man, am I in a crunch. I re-fuel my bike everyday because I cover a lot of dictance and my bike's mileage...don't ask. I wanted that money back and decided to call him. Guess what, he kept cutting my calls and i got him at the 10th try. Said he was stuck in traffic and i will come to your house tomorrow, that is today. I mildly threatened the guy telling him I will go to his house and collect it. Now that's embarassing for a lot of people. I called the guy today morning and he assured me that he will deliver that amount to my house.
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Now folks, what do you think of that? There are people who borrow money and can't return it on time and don't care about it. You have to go behind them or even beg. Now things like that can get very nasty. Why are people like that? Have people forgotten the meaning of 'TRUST'? You trust someone when you lend them mony but when you need it, they avoid you or keep giving stupid answers.
What do you think I should do? I don't want an argument because that will make me no less different than him. But get this right. My opinion about that person has changed.
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