Friday, July 07, 2006

BlogCamp 2006

Hooray!! The folks who help organise BarCamp Chennai are in overdrive more to organise BlogCamp 2006, which the organisers promise is going to be bigger and better than BarCamp. Well, BarCamp Chennai had it's shortcomings in the form of poor infrastructure(i do not like the idea of being cooped in a small hall with little legroom and the possiblity of fighting for room to get to the door in case you wanted to go to the loo. Sigh, if only i could swing like Spiderman., Broadband connections that were playing truant - folks who wanted to do photo blogging were asked to stop at one time because of less bandwidth, and the enthusiasm level was not that high. After the initial euphoria that is. Maybe the guys handling the topics put the rest of the audience to sleep :). One other disappointment was the absence of Dina Mehta, who couldn't make it.

BlogCamp Chennai 2006 will be held in September on the 9th and 10th and there are chances some of India's best bloggers will attend the meet. Preparations for the event have already begun and methinks a lot of surprises are in store. This is also the kind of event that gets popular through blogs- talk about the power of the internet and word of mouth.

The BlogCamp wiki is up. So what are you waiting for? Register yourself and spread word about BlogCamp 2006....

Keep visiting the wiki to get more updates on BlogCamp 2006.


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