Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sonjay Dutt and The Great Khali

Gaurav and Dhoomk2's  article on Indian WWE wrestler The Great Khali generated a lot of buzz on the giant and in the Indian blogosphere. There is another Indian wrestler who is not as popular as Turly(the Great Khali's character from the Whole 9 Yards) becuase he wrestles for the TNA - the overly hyped up WWE's lesser known cousin. Wikipedia has a profile of Sonjay Dutt here. Sonjay has a MySpace profile here. Here's another link on Sonjay's career. I don't watch wrestling as i used to when i was a kid because i think it's crap so I can't really comment on Sonjay's wrestling career the way Dhoomk2 and Gaurav did. Methinks it's worth profiling Indians who are making headway in American entertainment especially in wrestling. It's sad there are no professional Indian born bodybuilders in the United States but who knows?


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