Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Exercise - what a feeling....

Hitting the gym after you recover from an illness is really exciting. I had my first workout today almost a month after i had chicken pox.
But something else happened when i was sick. A few posts ago i had written on how good it feels when i did aerobics. The buggers at the Fitness One, Ascendas center terminated the aerobics program because of dismal ROI and very few people attending the sessions and did not have the courtesy to inform me what happened. Hell, i had to hear it from a a collegue of mine who works out at the gym. That's not what you would expect from a top class fitness chain.
Anyway, coming back to today's workout session, i did 20 minutes cardio and stretching, I still have some sore thigh muscles after a weekend football game but a session or two of stretching should take care of that.


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