Friday, May 18, 2007

Banning cellphones in Anna University jacks up pass percentage - so says Viswanath

Somebody please tell this moron to shut up. LOL. This is waht he said at a conference in the city yesterday.

The pass percentage went up by a startling 25 per cent after Anna University banned cell phones on campus two years ago, its Vice Chancellor D. Viswanathan said on Thursday, arguing for a total ban on mobile phones on campuses.

Inaugurating the 39th World Telecommunication and Information Society Day organised by the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, Chennai Centre, he said employability of the graduates had also gone up by 30 per cent after the ban.

On the whole, the ban had evoked good response as well as results from students, he added.

Mr. Viswanathan said cell phones were a source of disturbance not only for students, but youth in general.

Youngsters driving or walking on busy roads talking on their phones ran the risk of getting involved in serious accidents, he pointed out.

Why target the youth population alone? I have seen respectable oldies talk while they drive. And this moron is rumoured to carry two cellphones inside the Anna University campus. One set of rules for him and another set for the rest. Humbug.