Monday, February 27, 2006

Responses to my coments about the Hindu newspaper's sports coverage

The post i wrote about the Hindu's slant towards an overdose of cricket coverage in its newspaper has invited its share of comments. Read them here.

Nikhil, one of the reson why sportspersons from other disciplines resort to doping is becuase of official apathy by the sports bodies and non availabaility of funds for training and to lead a decent life. Go to any national level sports meet and you will find very few spectators. Look at the Indian football coverage on t.v and you will find the stadiums almost empty. The men and women who have dedicated their lives to sports are treated rather shabbily by the people. Indian cricket has had its fair share of scandals too. Why would anyone want to forget what happened in 2000? If you ask me i would rather keep hounding those jerks for all their lives for what they did o the sport. This chalta hai attitude has bought our country a great deal of embarrassment in every sport it participates.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Movies I caught up over the weekend

1. The Running Man - Average
2. Red Heat - Good
3. The Whole Nine Yards - Good
4. The Whole Ten Yards - Average
5. Unbreakable - Good
6. Underclassman - Bah!!

Shame on The Hindu newspaper [sports section]

Preference for cicket coverage

I have been reading the Hindu for almost 15 years. I first started reading the Hindu way back in 1989. i even have the first copy of the Young World edition which came out in the same year. I have copies of the new look Business Line and the Sportstar.

One thing i have noticed recently is the bias it has towards cricket. The Hindu sports section occipies two and half pages of which almost two pages are devoted to cricket.

No coverage of the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics

I have not found a single article on the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic games which started this month. No medals tally, nothing. Is it becuse this country has only four participants? And India's medal hopes did not do well? There was no news about Shiv Keshavan's boycott of the opening cermony or a prelude article to the Winter Olympics.

Horse Racing coverage

How many people are actually interested in this sports that allows you to gamble legally? This section covers half a page.

The rest of real estate is filled up by cricket news from around the globe. Bah!

Mr Editor, you should know that there readers who are interested in other sports like football, the Winter Olympic games, boxing and a myriad of other disciplines. I hope you will change you reporting standard for the sports section.

The Jessica lal murder case, does the case need a retrial?

The Jessica Lal murder trial that dragged on for more that 7 years came to an end last week with the release of the suspects for lack of evidence. Now people care crying hoarse for a re-trial. Does this case really need a re-trial? Has the media latched on to the case just becuase it involves some dirt bags and a Page 3 model. What about the faceless millions whose methods for justice are subverted everyday by the powers that be? Does'nt this reek of double standards? If we were to speak of a re-trial, i think the judiciary will have to accept petitions for a huge number of cases. What about the Gujarat riot perpertrators who are roaming the streets scott free? What about the Chenni MGR Nagar stampede? The Supreme court has said that the Tamil nadu government is to blame but who gives a fuck? There a a lot of cases that need re-trials. But why this one?