Saturday, November 03, 2007

Separated at birth?

Jeff Goldblum and Amit Varma

Amit photo courtesy Ultrabrown
Jeff picture courtesy Exposay

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Old news

Amit Varma, one of my favourite bloggers snagged the Bastiat Prize for Journalism in New York last week.

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Classic pizza moments in the movies

How many of you folks like pizzas? I am sure most of you do. Imagine biting a slice of delicious pizza, all that topping on a thick/thin crust, yummy. That’s ignoring the number of calories and the percentage of trans fat of course, lol. Still, good pizza always melts in the mouth. In my opinion, Dominoes serves good pizza followed by Pizza Hut.

The folks over at the foodie site Chow have a post about classic pizza scenes from movies such as Dog Day Afternoon, Goodfellas, Wayne’s World and others.

Sample this

…2. Pizza as an Alibi. The Gold of Naples (Italy, 1954). Sophia Loren plays the frisky young wife of a pizza vendor who loses her wedding ring during a tryst, then lies to her husband, saying it slipped off while kneading the dough. A frantic search ensues, and with a little sleight of hand, the ring miraculously appears in the last pie.

3. Pizza as a Media Magnet. Dog Day Afternoon (USA, 1975). During a badly botched bank heist, Sonny (Al Pacino) and Sal (John Cazale) hole themselves up with hostages. The ordeal drags on, so Sonny negotiates with the FBI to have pizza delivered. As TV cameras roll, the delivery guy is paid with a wad of bills from the bank’s coffers. He waves his arms and jumps up in the air: “I’m a fucking star!”

4. Pizza as Something to Go with Polyester. Saturday Night Fever (USA, 1977). “Hiya Tony. Two or three?” “Two, two, gimme two, that’s good.” The opening scene of this ’70s disco drama features a classic pizza move: Tony (John Travolta) slaps two slices together double-decker style, taking big bites through both layers as he struts down the street…

Read the rest of the article here.

What Pratibha Patil was thinking…

Hmm, that is a nice pair of shoes. I should get me a pair. I wonder where she got it from.