Thursday, June 22, 2006

I am back

Hello people!! I am back. i will be having restricted access to my pc as I am still under quarantine..gaah....
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Friday, June 09, 2006

Out of action

Hi, I will be out of action for 12 days. I contracted chicken pox. Until then..happy blogging folks!!
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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Best workout so far

Today's aerobics session is the best i have ever had since i joined. I got all the moves right and did it in sync with the other folks. I will have to work more on the moves. Hopefully, things will get better as the days go by.
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The 666 scare on Tuesday..all hype?

The much hyped 6-6-06 date has come and gone. Has anything bad or significant happened? Did the world come to an end as some clod heads had predicted? Naah...all hype and no show...What a bummer. For all we know, life around the planet is going on as usual despite all the violence, destruction, killing of wild animals and what not. Remember the 9-9-1999 scare? I remember watching Arnold's The End Of Days on the same date as the one in the movie( that's one movie i would love to avoid). So, why do people use such events to get mileage out of it? And why do we believe in such crap?
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Lending money and giving it back...why are people such losers when it comes to that?

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Why do people keep away from the folks who loaned them money? And why don't people keep their promises to the ones who lent them money? Is it that hard to commit to something and honour it? I am facing a similar situation. I lent this guy money 2 months back. It was not a huge amount, minimal but hey, its still money. The guy used these sugar coated words and i have known him for a year. He told me that he will pay back the money after his debit card was activated. He had just landed a new job at the time. This happened in the last week of April. May came and went and now its June. I am yet to see my money. I think he's been avoiding me for that reason. I met him on the street one day and he gave me all these flimsy reasons as to why he was short on money. Hey pal, you should have thought of that before you took mony from me. I decided to give the bugger some time and now man, am I in a crunch. I re-fuel my bike everyday because I cover a lot of dictance and my bike's mileage...don't ask. I wanted that money back and decided to call him. Guess what, he kept cutting my calls and i got him at the 10th try. Said he was stuck in traffic and i will come to your house tomorrow, that is today. I mildly threatened the guy telling him I will go to his house and collect it. Now that's embarassing for a lot of people. I called the guy today morning and he assured me that he will deliver that amount to my house.
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Now folks, what do you think of that? There are people who borrow money and can't return it on time and don't care about it. You have to go behind them or even beg. Now things like that can get very nasty. Why are people like that? Have people forgotten the meaning of 'TRUST'? You trust someone when you lend them mony but when you need it, they avoid you or keep giving stupid answers.
What do you think I should do? I don't want an argument because that will make me no less different than him. But get this right. My opinion about that person has changed.
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Week 3 at Fitness One

Aerobics rocks!! It's a full body workout and i gaurantee you will lose oodles of weight (in addition to taking care of your diet of course). The one i have joined is for beginners and is fun. I do a high intensity workout. The five day workout is split like this, steps, floor excersices, body conditioning, floor and steps. I like step aerobics and body conditioning the best. If you folks out there are planning to exercise after a long period of time, I suggest you go for a two month aerobics session, lose weight, become supple and then go for weight training. That's what i plan to do. Will keep you folks updated on more developments from the weight loss front..
Oh, about that blog i was planning to start, stay tuned.
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FIFA World Cup

Yay, the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup is today. Viewers in India won't have a problem due to timings. The matches start after 6.00 p.m. Can't wait for the first match, Germany vs Costa Rica on Friday at 9.30 pm. My only gripe about being a denizen of Chennai is that i don't get to watch quality entertainment with out a set top box. With the present government in the state, i don't think we will be able to watch paid channels here like other folks through out the country.

Fuel price hikes...why blame the government for everything?

The Central Government's hike on fuel has come as a body blow to a lot of people still reeling under constant price hikes in petrol and diesel over the past few months. The premise of the hike may be to protect the oil companies from biting the dust, but i feel we the people have a hand in this too. We guzzle petrol like crazy without knowing that most of our petrol supplies is imported and that demand is outstripping supply. Factories here churn out bikes and cars by the millions trying to get people buy their products knowing too well that we don't care about oil conservation or that the environment cannot sustain the huge level of pollution.. In Chennai, where i live, it's damn hard to ride freely after 5.00 pm. The roads are heavily congested and you breathe CO2 instead of O2. Talk about our cities becoming gas chambers. You don't have to smoke cigarettes to get high. Go around the city for an hour and you would have inhaled smoke equivalent to smoking a carton of ciggies. Think i am nuts? Naah...
This happens daily, the prevalence of respiratory problems is getting higher but the people don't care.
What can we do? Don't use fuelled transportation to travel a measly 5km..Walk or start using a bicycle. Keeps you fit and healthy. Read Why I Should Continue to Cycle to Work by Kiruba. Makes a lot of sense.
Is there an end to this problem of fuel price hikes? No..methinks because of global developments, oil prices will continue to rise and the government here will keep hiking prices. At this rate, we will be Rs 100 for a litre
Brace yourself for more my friends, the worst is yet to come.
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sell a million pixels for a dollar each...

Now this is a cool business venture. Guess what, the guy who started this has earned lots of money and he is only 22 years old. Check out the site here
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The great Indian media tamasha

Why is the Indian media so bothered about what happens to Amir Khan after he expressed support for the NBA? In case you folks did not notice, Atul Kulkarni, a better actor than Amir Khan was present at the time when Amir met Medha. Why isn't the media hounding this guy? Is it because he is not handsome and has no star power? Hell, i will vote for Atul over Amir. He was excellent in Chandni Bar and Hey Ram and also in that bat shit of a movie, Page 3. I am sure no one would have given a shit if it was Atul instead of Amir.
Shame on the film industry that does not come in support of worthy causes. It's a you-kiss-my-ass-and-i-will-kiss-your-ass world out there with sycophany at its best.
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Friday, June 02, 2006

Travel tips to keep ypur clothes wrinkle free

This is for you folks who travel a lot.
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New blog

I will be starting a new blog chronicling my weight loss efforts. I have plans of starting it this week. The blog will be my journal and i hope this will inspire other people as well. Stay tuned for more information.
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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Revenge served cold

This is what happens if you sell a defective laptop on ebay with all your personal details intact in the hard drive. Beware....
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New look Desipundit

One of my favourite blogs, Desipundit has a new avatar. Check it out here.
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Week two at Fitness One

Week one was fabulous. Week two has been good so far. I had the opportunity of watching Tamil actor Sharath Kumar doing weight training at the gym on Monday. He is hefty and has maintained his physique over the years. Let's see if more celebrities come to the gym.
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