Monday, March 20, 2006

BarCamp Chennai

BarCamp, an 'Unconference' is to hold its Chennai edition in April. This event is to take place on the 8th and 9th of April 2006(Saturday & Sunday). For more information on BarCamp, visit

See you at BarCamp!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

"Police notice to farmhouses" - The Hindu 19-3-06

This is a headline which appeared in the Hindu Chennai edition today.
Note the line that says "There were instances of women and female students taking part in such events.". This represents the hypocricy practiced by the people of this city. The fact that the police issued notices to farmhouses is normal, because that happens once a while but why specifically target women? Think about it.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

This week's movie list

Movies on my list this week

1. American Psycho
2. Munich- neat
3. March of the penguins
4. Zinda- prefer Oldboy over this crap
5. Bluffmaster- whatever
6. The Devil's Rejects


1. Friends- seasons 7,8 and 9

Friday, March 10, 2006

Women's Day - For What?

People the world over celebrated March 8th as Women's Day. For what? You may ask "hey does this guy believe in female emancipation"? Like it or not this day doesn't make a difference at all. Why? That's because crimes against women will continue. Women will go through that vicious cycle of violence and persecution every day after March 8th. Will that day liberate a woman from her troubles and bring her on the same pedestal as man? Hmm...i doubt it. The media men and businesses have made money by promising earth and high heaven, for example special ladies nights, Women's day special diamonds and a whole load of other mind numbing crap. Think what you want but this is my verdict. Like the people over the years who have marginalised women and exploited them for thier own needs and confined women to the status of assembly line baby breeding and cleaning machines, this day has lost its value.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Arundhati Roy's rant against the big buffoon George W Bush in the Hindu dated 28/2/06 - Thank God the Hindu is impartial


The Hindu dated 28/2/06

George Bush go home -Arundhati Roy

It's not in our power to stop Bush's visit. It is in our power to protest it, and we will.
"When George Bush places flowers on that famous slab of highly polished stone, millions of Indians will wince."

ON HIS triumphalist tour of this part of the world, where he hopes to wave imperiously at people he considers potential subjects, President Bush's itinerary is getting curiouser and curiouser. For his 2nd of March pit stop in New Delhi, the Indian Government tried very hard to have him address our Parliament. A not inconsequential number of MPs threatened to heckle him, so Plan One was hastily shelved. Plan Two was that he address the masses from the ramparts of the magnificent Red Fort where the Indian Prime Minister traditionally delivers his Independence Day address. But the Red Fort, surrounded as it is by the predominantly Muslim population of Old Delhi, was considered a security nightmare. So now we're into Plan Three: President George Bush speaks from Purana Qila, the Old Fort.

Ironic isn't it, that the only safe public space for a man who has recently been so enthusiastic about India's modernity, should be a crumbling medieval fort?

Since the Purana Qila also houses the Delhi zoo, George Bush's audience will be a few hundred caged animals and an approved list of caged human beings who in India go under the category of "eminent persons." They're mostly rich folk who live in our poor country like captive animals, incarcerated by their own wealth, locked and barred in their gilded cages, protecting themselves from the threat of the vulgar and unruly multitudes whom they have systematically dispossessed over the centuries.

So what's going to happen to George W Bush? Will the gorillas cheer him on? Will the gibbons curl their lips? Will the brow-antlered deer sneer? Will the chimps make rude noises? Will the owls hoot? Will the lions yawn and the giraffes bat their beautiful eyelashes? Will the crocs recognise a kindred soul? Will the quails give thanks that Bush isn't travelling with Dick Cheney, his hunting partner with the notoriously bad aim? Will the CEOs agree?

Oh, and on the 2nd of March, Bush will be taken to visit Gandhi's memorial in Rajghat. He's by no means the only war criminal who has been invited by the Indian Government to lay flowers at Rajghat. (Only recently we had the Burmese dictator General Than Shwe — no shrinking violet himself.) But when George Bush places flowers on that famous slab of highly polished stone, millions of Indians will wince. It will be as though he has poured a pint of blood on the memory of Gandhi.

We really would prefer that he didn't.

It's not in our power to stop Bush's visit. It is in our power to protest it, and we will. The Government, the Police and the Corporate Press will do everything they can to minimise the extent of our outrage. Nothing the Happynews Papers say can change the fact that all over India from the biggest cities to the smallest villages, in public places and private homes — George W. Bush, incumbent President of the United States of America, world nightmare incarnate, is just not welcome. — (c) Arundhati Roy