Saturday, September 30, 2006

Little Superstar goes bonkers

There used to be a midget actor who acted in Tamil movies in the late 80's and the early 90's. He has since faded into obscurity. He is back with a bang my friends, courtesy a YouTube clip that is making waves on the web. This clip has been viewed a milion times and still going strong. The sequence appears in the Rajnikant starrer Adisaya Piravi (1990?). Catch the video below.

For a synopsis of the clip and the 411 on the movie and the characters check the clip below.

I wonder what the actor is doing now.

Via Suman and Kingsley.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Love Me, Kill me, Kiss Me, Trash Me

What do you do to a person you suspect of committing a crime as heinous as murder? Inform the police or take the law into your hands? Especially if the suspect is a woman? You tie her to a tree or a lamp post and flog her!!

How's that you ask? Well, this article appeared on the third page of The Hindu print edition dated 26-9-06.

Excerpts from the article

"CHENNAI: A woman from Keezhkottaiyur village was on Monday tied to a lamp-post and beaten up by a group of villagers for the unexplained death of her 10-year-old daughter.
The incident took place in broad daylight on the busy Vandalur-Kelambakkam Road. "
What were the people doing at the time? Jacking off to the sight of people trashing a hapless lady?

The article futher says that

"Police at Thazhambur, however, denied that the woman had been tied to a lamp-post and beaten up. They said a case had been registered over the death and the body sent for post-mortem. Further investigations are on."

Trust the cops deny the flogging ever happened. May be the long arm of the law is busy scratching its balls to care about a woman being humiliated in public. Or maybe the coppers thought that was the time to have some salpetta.

Reminds me of those katta panchayat scenes in Tamil village oriented movies. Dai nattamai, theerpa mathi sollu.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Do we need websites to tell us how to manage marriage and in-laws?

This article appeared on and talks about marriage from a husband's perpective. Hyuck hyuck.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blogger's block?

What would I do if I hit a blogger's block? Maybe try this book 
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What If...

Conman fools senior citizen into parting with gold. Tricksters divert attention of car driver and make away with 4 lakh rupees. - Look familiar? These are headlines that appear newspapers regularly letting the world knw that some cheat had his lucky day. Imaging how the headlines would be if played in mankind's Cooum - politics.
1. Natwar Singh diverts Manmohan Singh's attention and goes to Iraq to bribe Saddam Hussien- Natwar Singh, disgraced Foriegn Minister made a trip to Iraq at the expense of taxpayer's money. Natwar Singh told Manmohan Singh that he was going to attend a summit in Saudi Arabia and secretly landed in Iraq right under the nose of evesdropping American troops.
2. Ottavio Quatrocchi followed Sonia Gandhi's car yesterday and told her driver that the car had an oil leak. The gullible driver stepped out of the car to check the leak and returned to find Sonia missing.
3. George Bush made an announcement in Washingtonm today about US troop status in Iraq and Afghanistan. While he was doing that, Osama Bin Laden sneaked past Bush's impregnable security wall,entered the While House and ran away with Bush's dodo of a wife - Laura Bush. Bush was so riled after the incident that he has threatened to bomb the whole of Africa.
4. AIADMK supremo Jayalalitha attended a meeting in some god forsaken place in Tamil Nadu to distribute free color t.v's to the equally stupid local populace. The tv's meant for distribution were jacked by highway theives when the consignment was being delivered. Jaya is now accusing the DMK of the theft and her members disrupted parliament for the 4th today.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Drive In Theatres - will they be relics of the past?

Mohan has a post about the Prarthana Drive In theatre on the ECR, Chennai. I have never been to an OAT before but by going by what Mohan has written, methinks it's not an oportunity to miss, to watch a movies under the stars, in the comfort of your car, cuddled with your wife/girlfriend or having some fun with your friends.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

BlogCamp 2006 - feedback time.

It's time for us bloggers who were at BlogCamp to give feeback about the event. Th first word that comes to my mind when I think about BC is "awesome.". This event was 5 times the size of Barcamp, a lot of things learnt from Barcamp were implemented, the internet connection was kick-ass, the venue was excellent ( I was not happy with Anna University's audi anyway), the food was so-so, I got to meet interesting people- Amit, the blogging couple- btb in case you guys don't know, Sharmista was very keen on doing primate research but gave it up for want of a grant, and of course those geeks from 'Butt'Hack :). I saw Rajesh Shetty but wondered why he did not give a presentation. I enjoyed Sunny Gavaskar's seminar. There were some irritants like the delay in Rob Scoble's Skypecast, some of the topics lacked depth or failed to captivate the audience. Overall BC was a good learning exp. Let's hope events like this take place around the country.

has a post about Blogcamp. Check it out.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Curtains come down on Blogcamp 2006

Continuing on updates on BlogCamp day 2 where I spoke about the all-blogger session with Peter and Dina as moderators, this discussion saw a lot of participation where a lot of the folks had interesting view points. So what did people talk about? The discussion started with why do you blog -> do you feel starnge when you don't update your blog every day? If you ask me the answer would be naah..., followed by are comments important -> how would you feel if no one read your blog ->blogging and responsibility.
Man, the place was vining hard during the quiz contest. I paired up with P.Bothra and we came in fourth. Bummer, only 10 points separating us from the 3rd place holder, bummer. The prize money for the quiz was good, totalling Rs 20G. Moin won an Ipod for winning the bst slogan category sponsored by Ford. Starfish won the prize for best photo-blogger. Bothack won the prize for thebest live blogger. way to go guys.
As we all said our good byes and took group pics for the last time, I came out with a heavy heart. this event was a knocker, I had a good time meeting new people and getting to know all those bloggers whose blogs I have been reading for a long time.
Overall BlogCamp rocked. I can't wait for the next edition to come. In the meanwhile, let's hope we see more of BarCamp like events in Chennai and other cities.
Goodnight my dear bloggers. It was a pleasure getting to know y'all.

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BlogCamp 2006 - Day 2

Yesterday ended on a really positive note and today started on the same note. The nail has become a popular topic of discussion of BlogCamp 2006. Thanks to Nihkunj for that :).

There were sessions by Sharad Haskar on digital photography, Sujatha on podcasting as a corporate medium (which was interesting, and the star of the day former cricketer and legend Sunil Gavaskar and Rob Scoble whose session started becuase of audio and connectivity problems on Skype. His session was moderated by Kiruba and was entertaining. People clamoured for his autograph towards the end, he was mobbed by reporters and bloggers alike. I got an opportunity to ask him a question, mu hah ha (I was ribbing people when they rushed to get Sunil's autograph:))

I got an opportunity to moderate 7 presentations. Dina was of great help and she gave me some tips which I found to be very useful.

There's an interesting discussion going on with Peter Griffin and Dina Mehta as moderators. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

BlogCamp 2006 - day 1 highlights

BlogCamp started on a very positive note with interesting presentatins, all related to text blogging, podcasting, mobile blogging, video blogging, search engine optimization and the lot. The sessiosn were split and were conducted at the auditorium and the conference hall. Ganesh of Bothack was the star of the morning with his aggressive promotion of Wordpress. Him and his Bothack gang came to the camp wearing tees which said "We blog at"

Kaushik Ram of Bothack was ribbed by Kiruba during a demo for a podcasting session where Bothack was mangled and refferred to as buttocks :). Syed was at his belligerent best asking questions during the proceedings. Jammy, a "budding stand-up comedian" was silent most out the time. It looks like he is trying to get the prize for the best blogger of the event. All the best Jammy. There are a lot of things about the event I would like to blog about, but damn, I don't seem to remember them all.

Anyway, I am signing off for the day. Catch you all on the second day of BlogCamp 2006 where Sunil Gavaskar will be the start attraction, not to mention intersting sesions with Robert Scoble, Sujatha and other folks.

See y'all tomorrow. Ciao.

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BlogCamp 2006 Day 1 - contd...

Amit's session was lively and entertaining. There were two more sessions from other participants on increaing revenue using effective search engine optimization techniques. A very lively first day is about to come to an end. It's to to beach house after that. Let me see if I an blog from the beach resort :).

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BlogCamp 2006 - Day 1

I did'nt get to see some of the presentations that heppened in the first half hour as I was at the entrance tothe Tidel Park building giving firections to BlogCamp attendeed. Bummer. But that's ok. The crowd is good. We have some experienced and famous bloggers like Dina Mehta, Neha Vishwanathan, Amit Aggarwal et al.

All the invitees have been given some really useful merchandise, my pick being the laptop bag from Yahoo besides a BlogCamp t-shirt. People have come from all over the country, from cities like Delhi, Agra, Bombay, Bangalore and Kerala(?), that's excellent for the first edition of an evnt of ths magnitude.

I managed to catch some of the action that took place at the conference hall, mainly the seminar of Ganesh titled "Wordpress hacks." Prasanna and Aswin Anand gave presentations on blogger beta and tempate hacks and also hosting Wordpress on servers.

Now going away from all the techno funda to the food part, yuck. That was pathetic food served for lunch. Anyway I am looking forward to an excellent evening at the beach house party.

Kiruba and Ram Vishwanathan gave an excellent seminar on podcasting with help from Kaushik Ram. I missed the session invloving Neha, Dina and Peter Griffin on collaborative blogging cuz I was in the conference hall. Gosh, I wish I was in two places at the same time.

I met a man named Scott who was part of the Chennai-Kanyakumari Auto Challenge that took place last month. He is scheduled to write an article on the race on Wired magazine.

Amit is sceduled to give a seminar on pro-blogging today evening and I am looking forward to that.

Log in to for more updates. Check Flickr for photos on the event. Come back to this blog for more updates.

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BlogCamp 2006

Photo source - click here.

BlogCamp opened its doors to the blog loving public today. An event that has been publicised by word of mouth and of course, thru blogs, the event kicked off with a small presentation by Kiruba. Events have been scheduled in the auditorium and the conference hall.

I have been waiting for this event for a month and I am here. Yipee!!

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

You will be missed Crikey

Ladies and gentlemen, the Crocodile Hunter has left the building. Long live Steve Irwin. I have seen some of his programmes on the Discovery Channel and I found them to be refreshingly different. Steve, with his over the top antics when dealing with vicious predators of the wild and his child like enthusiasm for educating people about wild-life will remain fresh in memory. My reaction on seeing the news of his demise in the Hindu today was that of shock. He is a characer who will be missed sorely. Beau Peep has a list of his favorite Steve Irwin moments.

Godspeed Steve.