Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ten Commandments for a stress-free life

1. Leave your work at the work place. Stop thinking about work once you leave the office. Works great for me (pun intended). :-)
2. Exercise. Need I stress myself on that one? This is a great stress buster. It also allows you to spend time for yourself, something that is a luxury now a days.
3. Have nerves of steel when you drive in traffic. When someone cuts in front of you, berate him/her and forget the incident the next moment.
4. Forgetting your past helps a lost. Most of us choose to remember bad incidents and that load becomes heavy to handle. Forget and move on.
5. Do something you like. Could be blogging, stamp collection or anything that you have always wanted to do but couldn’t for want of time or other reasons(hmm, I hate that, because time and tide wait for no one, you have to make time for yourself).
6. Disconnect yourself from the outside world. No emails, cell phones or an overload of information on the internet.
7. Become one with nature. Learn to admire nature. It won’t be long before we start reading about nature and wildlife only in books.
8. Play with your pet. Our pets, for example a dog may be mute but their eyes and actions convey a lot and are fun to watch. Besides the things that animals can do never ceases to amaze people.
9. Take a long walk alone. Enjoy the sights and sounds around you.
10. Talk to people you can trust and unload you problems. Clear your head.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fancy cars and hired help

What is it with fancy cars and chauffers? Now, take a drive in street traffic and you are bound to notice all these fancy cars, some of which are valued over 50 lakh rupees, and some at 12 to 20 lakhs have something in common. The people who own such fancy cars don't drive their own machines. Not only do they a spend a fortune buying these magnificant beauties, they also blow quite a lot to hire a driver. Is it because the cars owners

1. Are lazy
2. Are scared to drive
3. Don't know how to drive but have lots of money to spend?
4. A combination of points 1, 2,3?

Most of the fancy cars are big cars and need experienced drivers to navigate these beasts in our city's messed up traffic. Fine by me. But I still fail to see the logic behind hiring a chauffer for a car that can be driven by you. Makes no sense does it?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Saddam and his hecklers

Hey I am back after a short vacation. What a gory way to end 2006 and start the new year! First the horrific Noida serial murders that have shocked India and the execution of Saddam on the 30th of December in Iraq and. Whew.

Let me start off this year with this post. An Iraqi blogger called River Bend has posted an article on the words that were spoken by Saddam and his heclers meoments before Saddam was hanged. Read the post here.