Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What you looking at?

Toilet humour


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Monday, March 26, 2007

Come India Come...

Yipee, India has been kicked out of the World Cup. Now we can all get back to our petty lives without getting obsessed with a bunch of over-paid, over-rated, over-hyped loonies playing a sport that is popular only in a few nations and along with an equally loony coach. Plus we can all do post-loss analysis, something that we lazy, India-is-cricket-cricket-is-India desis are so good at.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Roof top film festival March 2007

Blog buddy Sagaro and his friends are conducting a unique festival - The Roof top film festival. Yep as the name indicates, this festival will be held at a fellow bloggers house terrace and is an all nighter starting at 7.00 pm Saturday and goes till 5 am the next day. The tag line for this unique event is

To involve the film buff in an intelligent conversation with a developing audience on the Net. To provide fringe film makers with succor and a platform to promote their art. To take movies to the rooftop, where the hierarchy is flat and the spirit high.

Yep, the spirit will definitely be high :-). There is a wiki for this event where you can go and register but hurry, the terrace will acoomodate about 25 people - it's a small place, so go register. This event will be held at the following location:

75, Second Street, Karpagam Avenue, R.A.Puram, Chennai - 600028

Some of the movies that could be shown at the event (I am not sure if the list is final):
  • Leon

  • Spring, Summer, Fall Winter And Spring (Korean)

  • Citizen Kane

  • Nostalgia

You could check out this link for a list of proposed movies.

So be there...

Now this is hair raising...

What would you do if you had an 18 inch outlandish Mohican hair cut, was piss drunk and failed a sobriety test and your hair was too big for the police photographer to take your mug shot?

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Loser Inc

I plan to start up a company called Loser Inc. I can make one of you the Chairman and CEO of the company as you would be the perfect candidate for such a venture. The company I plan to start up would mainly be into bio-gas products from the bowel, it would also include vandalism as an art, scratching in the wrong places in public and sleeping your weekend with no particular ambitions in life. Since everyone is too embroiled in the rat race and seem to be mssing the real cause of being in this world, Loser Inc. would be a shining example of mediocrity at its best. Let's not be like the rest, take the road which has not been taken. Think of this, if everyone is a winner in this world it is going to be so boring. Losers Inc. would emphasise on the fact, that “being a loser after all is not such a bad thing”, it is just another way of life.

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Roger Federer gets his ass whupped finally...

... after a very long time at the top. But Fed Ex will be back

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Monday, March 12, 2007

300 the movie - first week in the box office

300 tops over $70 million dollars during the weekend. That's huge considering the fact this is an R rated movie. The opening is almost similar to what another R rated blockbuster, The Matrix made in back in 1999. Can't wait to watch the movie.

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Letter to the owner of Hotel Henkala, Tambaram

Dear who-ever-manages-Hotel-Henkala-Tambaram,

Me and 8 of my friends came to your hotel for a school reunion yesterday where I met one of my former class mates after a decade. We proceeded to your roof top restaurant and ordered drinks and food. We had to put up with a stupid music channel (sun music) but that was ok. We had fun, catching up on on old times, pulling each other's legs, making enquiries about the people we knew, how far they had come up in life and so on. Turns out most of them are doing quite well. We were at your restaurant for 3 hours. The only sore point that marred this otherwise jolly ocassion was the very delayed delivery of the bill. We finshed our dinner at 10.00 pm and you gbought us the bill at 10.50 pm)

You had us fretting and fuming. You made us wait for 50 minutes and as a result, one of my friends started to shout at your people. When we went to lodge a complaint my friend started arguing with the front desk manager, Jacob too. But Jacob blew his top and started a slang fest. All of this could have been avoided if your manager had kept his cool.
Now, the hopsitality industry is one of the most demanding professions in the world. You have to bend over to please people and deal with irate customers on top of that. Your manager apparently does not know how to deal with angry customers. This guy needs to attend anger management/customer service classes.

Maybe it's me or the people of this city have really short fuses.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

300 the movie - drawing parallels with modern day events

Critic reviews of 300 are out. This has to be the one of the most anticipated movies of 2007. Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name on the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C between an army of outnumbered Spartans and the Persians, critics seem to be raving about the movie. There's plenty of eye candy in the form of visuals and gorgeous women and most of the actors playing the Spartans look like models with chiselled abs and toned physiques. I saw Sin City based on Miller's graphic novel of the same name (Sin City 2 is due this year). Most of my buds did not like the movie, they thought it was cheesy, but I have always liked comic books or graphic novel adaptations, though some of them bombed at the box office - V for Vendetta for example. 300 stays faithful to the novel and has stunning visuals, most of it being CG generated and the trailer looks awesome. The film has a motley bunch of characters ala The Lord of The Rings series (I loved all 3 of them, am waiting to get the uncut versions to on DVD). Critics in the US have already begun to draw parallels to the current state of US foreign policy, the Spartans being the US and the marauding Persians being; you guessed it right, the evil Iranians led by Ahmedinajad. I can't wait for this movie to get released in Madras. Will the theatre wallahs release it here? Methinks it will be heavily censored if they do, the movie is rated R in the US for extreme violence, nudity and sex.

Gaurav Sabnis, card carrying lover of graphic novels , can you write a review of the movie after you have seen it?

The movie premiere for the US is tomorrow.

Related: Images from the movie.
Poster courtesy About.

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March 8 - happy women’s day?

Another day, another date where people around the world will be singing paens in praise of women, have women centric events, telecast women centric mush on television, have inconsequential chat shows, talk about how far women have come in different fields and what they have accomplished, talk about implementing the 33 percent reservation policy for women in parliament and then go back to committing crimes such as domestic violence, sexual harrassment and other atrocious crimes till the next women’s day. How hypocritical and sadistic can people get?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Today on Wordpress

Robert Scoble gets booted out from his pedestal for the first time in months.